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Best Places to Buy Coastal Decor!

Updated: May 17, 2021

If you're looking for beautiful, unique, hand crafted true Artisan Coastal decor and Jewelry it's not as easy to find on the internet as you might think. When you search for Coastal decor you get back the big players like Wayfair, Walmart, Target, etc. These Corporations pay big dollars to be at the top of Google/Bing search engines, and while what they sell is pretty, they sell thousands of the exact same items, all made by machines or worse, in sweatshops for pennies on the dollar. So where can you find truly hand crafted Beach or Coastal art? With most of the art festivals cancelled for over a year now, and so many small businesses closed, where did all of our Artists & Makers go? Many went to Facebook & Etsy so they could continue to sell. Here are some of the best that we found, enjoy!

  1. Coastal Artists Collective - Fine Art and Home Decor this group is made up of those wonderful Artisans you might have run into at a local Art Festival , they live all over the USA, and this group is expanding fast too with some overseas Artists joining they are becoming truly Global in their reach. To buy from the group you must join their Facebook page, no worries, just answer a couple of questions and within 48 hours you are approved. If you're an artist and wish to sell your own works on their sales page you will go through an approval process first since this is a very exclusive group of highly talented fine artists. Their Prices start from $20 and upwards depending on what you are buying, items include a wide variety or Coastal, Coastal Cottage, Farmhouse Coastal & Beach art: Seashell Jewelry, Shell Ornaments, Paintings on Canvas, Drift Wood, Watercolor, Coastal Decor for shelves, Wall hangings, Ocean Resin Lazy Susan's, Table Centerpieces, Hand Painted Glassware, Wine Glasses, Toasting Glasses, Mermaid Art, Tiki Torches, Lighted Wine Bottles etc.. they have such a huge variety to pick from, and many of the artists take Custom orders also.

  2. Etsy Coastal Decor! Did you know if you go into Etsy & search for a broad topic like Coastal Decor, or Seaside Decor, what you get back are hundreds of absolutely beautiful one of a kind pieces. Best of all you know that individual you are buying from has a vested interest in creating items that are high quality, after all they live for great reviews which helps their store ranking & repeat business.

  3. Some of the Best of Etsy Individual Coastal Artisans We've Found:

  4. SeaGlassTreesAndMore Decor, Sea Glass Trees, Night Lights, Jewelry & Facemasks:

  5. PaintingArtsNCrafts Hand Painted Wine Glasses Teapots, Teacups, Ocean Lazy Susans, Resin Art, Wall Art & shelf decor:

  6. AguaStone: Vases & Wall art created with Smooth ocean stones

  7. CoastalByRosemary: Coastal & Ocean Life Paintings in Watercolor

  8. For Less Expensive Art & Decor made in bulk:

  9. Wayfair Coastal Art & Decor, good selection of wall art & accessories

  10. Bellacoastaldecor.com Nice selection of Furniture, Accessories & Bedding

  11. Hobby Lobby Here you can find finished pieces and blanks to create your own, they often put their items on sale too!

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