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  • Shelly Tschupp

DIY Family Story Lazy Susan

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

When creating a personal story object think about it as snapshots of either places, or things your family has done.  Here I've included our love of the Beach, our Boat, and South Florida. I've surrounded it with inspirational sayings, and if you have terrible handwriting, as I do, well that's where your Cricut or other cutting machine comes in handy! You Can Make This!

Time: depends on how fast you paint, how intricate your design, 1 hour to 5 hours or more!

Materials: total cost around $75 for 18 inch with this much detail.

Acrylic Paint or Markers

Cricut (Optional but helps to use removable Vinyl as a template)

Polycrylic clear coat

Wood Round & Lazy Susan Bearing

Tempered Glass Round (optional)

Wood Burner (optional to burn in the words or just use a paint marker)

Tips and full steps click here.

Affiliated Shopping List to make it easy for you to find the materials click here.

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