DIY Pot Protectors Any Size Great for RV No Template needed!

Updated: May 17

Pot Protectors are important when you want to keep your pots from getting scratched up, especially non stick pans & definitely when you are in an RV, where your pots are traveling often, bouncing around etc. Buying Pot Protectors in each size you need is not easy, in fact most are sold in one or two standard sizes and while they are cheap to purchase, having them fit correctly in some of your pots is near to impossible. Here is how you can make your own, without a template, and in any size you need! It's easy to do once you know how ...

Time: 30 minutes or less for 6-8 pot protectors, if you are unsure use a piece of copier paper to practice the first one!

Level: beginner


  • Scissors

  • Pen

  • Ruler

  • Material to use as a pot protector (some great materials include felt, contact rubber shelf liner, think cloth like denim, old towels, etc.. ... take a look around your house and you may find something that will work great for free!)


1. Gather & layout your materials & pots (I'm using some left over Contact Rubber grip shelf liner I had on hand ) on your work space: table, countertop etc..

2. Place your material on the counter & put your pot on top, check the sides to make sure you have enough material to touch the top of the pot on all sides. Trim/cut excess so you have a square, if needed use your ruler to get a straight cut.

Make sure you have centered your pot on the material allowing for enough material to reach the sides of the pot.

3. Using your pen draw a line on your material around the bottom of the pot base & remove the pot, trim the corners of your square material so that it is more round, I just pulled the corners up to the pot and cut along that edge, I didn't worry about being perfect since who is ever going to see my pot protectors?

4. Fold your material in half with the drawn circle showing.

5. Fold your half circle again so that it in 1/4 of a circle, on the open edge cut the edge off up to the circle pen line creating half a triangle on the edge. The pen line represents the bottom of your pot so don't cut into that.

6. Using your scissor you are going to cut one triangle out of the middle edge. Here I cut the left side of my pie shape off.

7. Open up your circle, it should look something like this. Place it into your pot and trim off any excess, you are done! Make some more, the great thing about this project is it won't matter what size your pot is, this method works for all of them. Enjoy!

Trim off any excess so that it fits just inside the pot top rim!

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