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Incredible Group of Artists Band Together During Covid To Survive

Updated: May 17, 2021

Artist: Anneliese Galiano
This is Where you Get Stunning Artistry!

When Covid restrictions began many people found themselves out of work. In the Artist industry many individual makers found themselves with no means of income, stores and galleries closed, art festivals cancelled. Many didn’t qualify for unemployment at first. They say that when times are at their worst we see people at their best, this is an amazing story of perseverance and fellowship in the face of adversity. Artist Anneliese Galiano had a small group of artist friends and started a modest Facebook page to talk and help each other out. Many sold their items in local stores and venues then Covid19 impacted our nation with devastating effects. It took over five months for many to have unemployment finally come through, by the end of May their situation was really getting desperate. That was when they banded together to form their own private Sales page on Facebook. Those within the group that already sold on Facebook helped teach the others what to do and how to do it. Every artist who had a 'down and out' friend making coastal art sent them to join the group, and they in turn helped get many of them established in making on line sales. By working together and looking out for each other they were able to create an online community and give customers one place to shop for some of the most beautiful Coastal Art I have ever seen. This group has continued to grow at a phenomenal rate, and has over 4,800 members today. They even created a second page where people can talk about and celebrate all things beach & coastal "Beach Bums Baubles & Booty"!

Hats off to these local Artists for working together, and for helping others to build this unique Coastal community! If you love coastal art & decor you will really love this group! To join them just go to Facebook and copy/paste into the Search bar “Coastal Artists Collective- Fine Art and Home Decor”, I know you will be as impressed as I was at the high levels of craftsmanship & creativity!

Here are just some of the amazing items created by these Artists & just a tiny peek into what you can find to decorate your home with from their page!

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