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DIY Custom Moldable Bluetooth Headphone Ear Plugs Bundle by Decibullz

Difficulty sleeping because your partner snores. Join the club!!  I’m pretty sure many adults eventually start snoring, that’s just life, in fact I’m told I snore too!  Snoring can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep for one or both partners. When I heard about custom moldable ear plugs from Decibullz I thought, this is what I need! These are molded to the shape of your own ear and their bundle set includes a Bluetooth headphone and separate earplugs. I am always thrilled when I find a great product that can do multiple functions.  As an RVr space saving is always important, as are quiet nights! Decibullz offered me an opportunity to give their headphone & earbuds a try, see my findings below!

My Thoughts on Decibullz Custom Moldable Bluetooth Headphone Ear Plugs: WOW!! When you find a great product, you just have to share it!

Dual Purpose? Yes! This is a bundle set which includes the custom moldable earplugs to give you a way to quiet background noises, and a wireless headset that has a microphone for listening to music, books, and making calls.

Comfortable? Yes, absolutely they are lightweight and the custom fit is very comfortable!

Noise Reduction?  Yes, they advertise an EPA 22 DB noise reduction with the wireless headset and 31 DB noise reduction with the earplugs, in truth I can’t measure the actual decibels, but I can say my husbands snoring sounded like a soft rumble far off in the distance (which is far more comforting sound than the earthquake noise I normally hear). For us this is incredible as we often travel in our RV, if you’ve ever slept in an RV, you know it’s pretty tight quarters and at night sound seems to amplify. For anyone working in a loud environment these are a great option too. Now, this does not eliminate 100% of the noise and I love that because if a fire alarm goes off I still need to hear it. This would also be a great item to have for traveling in an Airplane or Train to dampen other passenger noises too (queue those crying baby sounds).

Wireless headset Performance: These performed well, they are so lightweight I forget I had it wrapped around my neck. They are also Waterproof so you can use them indoors and outside, on the trail, bicycle, etc. The wrap around neck design did not impede with our helmets. It was easy to connect the headset, just remove the earplug cover and inset the headset. Plus it comes with a long 15-hour battery life and C type fast charging connector (fully charges in 2 hours). These use QUALCOMM APTX AUDIO, providing HD sound for super clear calls and music.

Customizable & Easy to Mold? Yes, this bundle includes multiple sizes of both the silicone tips, two Thermoplastic molds and one set of noise dampening Foam tips. Molding them is easy to do using boiling water, and if you don’t get it right the first time this is the only brand that can be remolded, that’s a huge plus. I've included some basic instructions & tips below, active time to mold is about 10 minutes. They are available in 6 colors, Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, and Green, I chose pink so mine could not be confused with my husband’s black pair.

What if I have ear piercings? If you have ear piercings in the ear bowl or concha you need to remove your earrings to mold the ear plugs to prevent the Thermoplastic from molding to them.

Cost? As of writing this article the bundle runs around $99, that's a 5% savings over buying the earplugs and wireless headset separately. With Mother’s and Father’s Day coming these are great gift ideas too.  Is it worth the price? That depends on your situation and if you need a great product with a customized fit. I did, from a product standpoint these are high quality and have performed for me exactly as advertised.

Clear Instructions? Yes, Decibullz provides clear written instructions in the packagain and a number of videos for anyone who prefers to watch instructions over reading them (like me) click to get to the Decibullz support page here.

How to Mold: I watched the Decibullz molding video on YouTube which was very helpful. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by Decibullz closely, here is a brief overview so you can consider if this is something you want to do!

Where can I find them? I found mine on Amazon, here is a link: Decibullz

Decibullz instructions are clear:

1) You need two ceramic or glass containers/mugs, one spoon, water, a separate container to boil the water, timer (I used my phone) and a mirror if you are molding it by yourself.  

2) Select your size silicone ear tip (do not use the foam tip for molding). Inset the silicone tip into the Thermoplastic mold piece and check to make sure it is secure, then insert the back plug cover on the other side until it sits flush with the mold.   

3) Boil water in a separate container in your microwave, kettle or stove top, then pour about 3 inches of the boiling water into the container you are using to mold the earplug (I chose to mold one at a time, if you want to mold both be sure to use separate mugs so they do not stick together). Place one mold into each container and let it sit for 5 minutes.

4) After each mold soaks for 5 minutes remove it with your metal spoon and let it cool for about 30 seconds. You can quickly touch the mold to your cheek to make sure it's not too hot to insert into your ear. When inserting it into your ear you will gently press it into the areas of the ear bowl and concha to be sure to get a good sound seal. If it feels too hard to bend to your ear just place it back into the hot water for a few minutes to resoften. Once you are happy with the seal smooth out any dents and let it sit in your ear for 5 minutes, while you wait every 30 seconds firmly press the back plug so that as it cools and hardens it forms to your ear.

Storing: Store these inside your home, do not leave them in your car as they are made to soften in temperatures above 120 degrees, which often happens inside of cars!

How to Connect the Wireless Headset to the Earplug:

The setup for these is simple, press and hold the function button for 2 seconds to turn it on and off. To pair it with your phone or device, starting in the ‘Off position’ press and hold the function button for longer than 2 seconds until the lights blink alternatively red to white and you hear it say it is looking for the device (your phone, tablet, computer). Turn your phones Bluetooth setting on and look for the device name “Safe + Sound” (that is the earplug), click to connect to it. Once paired when you go to turn it on the earplug will conveniently automatically reconnect to the last device (phone, tablet, etc) that it was connected to. Be sure to review the guide for additional tips and instructions!

Overall, I’m very happy with these and hope you found this information helpful!

Note: This is my honest opinion of the product, although 99.9% of the time I’m reviewing a product I bought first and just thought to do a review afterwards, in this instance one pair was provided to me to test out #ad, I just loved it so much I bought a second pair for my husband.

Note: Links provided are affiliate links and while they do not cost you more to use, they sometimes pay me a tiny amount to help cover the cost of this website blog.


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