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A Modern Artist with Traditional Roots

"As a start-up artist I know how difficult it can be to make a living from art, so I created 'Painting Arts N Crafts' as a place where I can share how to' information for a variety of Arts and Crafts including combining easy to do Arts & Crafts techniques.  Learn how to create beautiful crafts that sell, free Cricut Template designs, buy affiliated tested craft supplies including: Crafting Blanks, Resin, Vinyl, Cricut, Iron-on, Painting, Mixed Media, Cards, Canvas, Wood, Paints, Glass Painting, Stamping, Soap Making, and more. Share your own ideas and projects in the members blog. Ask questions about crafting from the artist and community: Cricut, Painting, Paper, Resin , Cards, Stamping, Iron-on, Vinyl, Wood, Canvass, Mixed Media, etc...  Let's create something truly unique!  I hope you find something that inspires you to have fun with Art!"  


Shelly Tschupp is a Florida based artist with a degree in Fine Art from Florida Atlantic University.  For two decades Shelly was blessed with raising two wonderful children and had to put aside her passion for painting. Now that her children are grown she enjoys creating Art and helping others to learn how to create their own masterpieces. Shelly is the owner of, and is affiliated with Fine Art America & Zazzle POD services, and her pieces have been sold to homeowners all over the USA.  

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