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Where CRICUT & Painting Techniques Create Art!

Decorate Your Home

When you want to decorate your home start with one inspiration, it can be an object, a color, a theme.  Build upon that merging your theme with your own artistic ability and be open to mixing media, both temporary with removable Vinyl, and permanent with paint.

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Criut Painting Lazy Susan


October 10, 2016

When creating a personal story object think about it as snapshots of either places, or things your family has done.  Here I've included our love of the Beach, our Boat, and South Florida. I've surrounded it with inspirational sayings, and if you have terrible handwriting, as I do, well that's where your Cricut or other cutting machine comes in handy!

Cricut Vinyl & painted unique side table

Turning a side table into a work of art with a little help from Cricut!

July, 18, 2018

We created a new master suite in our home, and I wanted to add some special touches to the room. We had gone with a Key West Ocean theme, so utilized my Cricut and art painting skills to make this one of a kind table. You can do this too!

Outdoor Ocean Resin Table Top

Resin Art, What Can You Do With It?

October, 25,2108

Resin art has been growing in popularity, followers and most artists will tell you that once you begin working with Resin it's really difficult to stop!  It creates the most beautiful abstracts, is challenging to master and offers a great variety of color palettes, tints, opaques, and metallics.  Some Artists like ATD (Artist Till Death) will tell you, if you try to paint something in particular, you will most likely be disappointed, but if you start out simply trying to create something with a set of colors, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you create. Here I've taken an inexpensive outdoor side table and put a round resin artwork on top to make a gorgeous table. 

Painted Abstract Sailboat Bench Project

Finished Bench

December 30, 2018

Have you ever gotten tired of hopping around trying to put on shoes? I found out fast that I'm not as balanced as I always thought! And since arts n crafts are for more than just walls so I decided to paint myself a 'one of a kind' shoe bench. You can make your own bench special with some paint, patience, and more paint! Or you can personalize it with Vinyl, Foil, stamping,  you decide! If you want to see more about how I made this you can click below. Happy Creating!


Cricut: Project

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