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This gorgeous resin art table was created in a couple of hours, the initial investment for Resin Art can be a bit steep, however, you may have many items around your house already. I attached the top to a side table which I bought on Amazon in a complementary shade of blue, and this table comes in many colors too. 


Tips & Materials:

  1. Stone Coat 1:1 Resin is one of the best on the market, high UV resistant and 45-60 minutes of working time, just mix thoroughly for 3-4 minutes before use.

  2. Stone Coat Base White

  3. This piece was also created using the following pastes & tints which can be purchased at ATD's website: Just Resin Blue Saphhire Luster, Phthalo Blue,  Colour Obsession Turquoise Seas - Epoxy Pigment Tint. 

  4. Mehron's Silver which can be found at Amazon, see the links below.

  5. Additional materials you may already own: gloves, mask (this resin has zero VOCs but if you are sensitive you can use a mask), masking tape to protect the bottom from drippings, straws for blowing resin, plastic sheets to protect your workspace and to create a dust-free zone, leveler to ensure your drying area is flat (otherwise your resin will slide off the tabletop overnight), sander or sanding paper, paper towels or rags, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol which is used for cleanup.

  6. Popsicle sticks for stirring resin

  7. Clear plastic cups for mixing the resin, at least one for each color and one extra for the Resin.

  8. Table Top was purchased at Amazon, I bought a 24 inch round wood piece and sanded the edges. I decided not to paint the wood before using the Resin as I wanted some of the wood grain to show through. If you want to paint yours you should use a basic house flat paint. 

  9. Heat gun or Torch to pop the bubbles and get the resin to move around the table top.

  10. Use this Resin Calculator to determine the amount of Resin needed: ArtResin



  1. Setup your work area and layout all of your materials.

  2. Prepare your tabletop, sand if needed, paint if you want to, note: it should not be attached to the legs at this time. Tape the bottom edges to reduce sanding of the drippings at the end.

  3. Pour equal amounts of Resin into a clear cup and stir thoroughly for 3-4 minutes, bubbles will form, that's fine, the resin will cloud up and then become clear as it's mixed.

  4. Split the Resin up across the color cups, saving some as clear, then add a small amount of color to each cup, the ratio is no more than 10% color to Resin so it takes very little of the color to create stunning works. Note: for the Mehron Silver powder you should put that into the cup first to prevent it from leaving the cup when stirring. I used only a small amount of white and even less silver.

  5. I first poured my clear resin and spread that around the piece as a flood coat.

  6. I next poured my blues and greens in alternating stripes across the entire piece.

  7. Heat the resin to remove the bubbles and to get the colors to start blending on the edges of the stripes. This only takes about one minute, you don't want to overheat the resin.

  8. I next added white, heated it up to remove the bubbles and then gently blew it across the colors to create a sense of waves and foam. You can do this with a heat gun, hair dryer, or straw. I noticed the white has a tendency to drop below the other colors, so you may have to do this more than once. Wait a few minutes to see what happens.

  9. My last layer was the silver, this also seemed to sink fast and I have to apply it a few times, I noticed that later on some of it peeped through in interesting ways. 

  10. You may want to go back to the piece and remove any drippings off the side for the first few hours of drying, that will save you some final sanding in the end.  Resin takes 24 hours to dry enough to touch and a full week to cure. 

  11. After it has dried for a day you can remove any tape you put on the back, sand any drippings. You can also heat up those bumps with a heat gun then use a flat scraper razor blade to remove them, but be very careful if you do that method. You may want to paint the back of the table to protect it from the weather if it is going outside. Wait a full week before using it!


Enjoy your beautiful new piece of Art Furniture!


Art Supplies:

Clear Cups:




Heat Gun:








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