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Turning a side table into a work of art with a little help from Cricut!

Create this with Chalk Paint, Acrylic paints, Cricut Vinyl, and Polycrylic Water Based Sealer (I like Minwax). 


1. Purchase or find a piece of furniture that you would like to paint. I decided to paint mine white first using Chalk Paint. 


2. Select your theme, colors & pick one to four items to highlight from those.  In mine, I selected a Crab, Jellyfish, and two ocean scenes for the sides. I went for Key West colors, lime green, teal, pink, navy blue, purple and white. You should select the colors that work with your room, or add a punch of color to it.  


3. Add some stripes, and blocks of color to create interest. 


4. Paint a few items on the legs, mine have ocean grass and bubbles. Cover the unit with clear Polycrylic, 3 to 5 layers.


5. Add in Vinyl fish outlines. On the sides of the bottom shelf, I placed back to back seashells, creating a unique Vinyl Border. To create my Crab and Jelly Fish I uploaded clipart to Cricut, then cut those out in contrasting colors to the paint, so that they would show up well. 


6. Finally, I bought a handmade knob off of Amazon which really fit the overall theme! I purchased the table at for about $120!  You can find furniture at thrift stores, garage sales, or use one you already own.


Full list of Art Supplies for this project can be found here, if you purchase through these links I do get a very small commision to help pay for my blog:

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