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Cricut Hack Printable Sign DIY Cricut Access Software Project: Home Decor Sign!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

If you have ever used a Cricut and Access software you already know you can cut vinyl, iron-on, paper and other materials, but did you also know you can flatten and image to print it out to make a easy home Decor sign? Well, if you did not know before, you know this hack exists now! It's soooo easy to create, below are the stops on how to do it. I chose to create a cute bathroom sign for my RV! Since it is such a small space I was able to buy a Dollar Tree frame ( for $1.25 of course), and swap out their image with my sign. Since it is so lightweight, with just an acetate covering vs glass and plastic trim vs wood, I will be able to hang it with 3M Command Strips too and not add any weight to my RV. Here is a link to this project in Cricut Access if you have a membership and just want to use or modify my design! At the top of my website menu you will see a Cricut Projects! tab where you can view and click on any of my designs to use/modify yourself within Access too! Feel free to follow me within Access to see and use any designs I have created too.

Cute Bathroom Decor Sign DIY Cricut Access Printable
Cricut Hack to create this Cute Bathroom Decor Sign a DIY Cricut Access Printable Project

Project Timeframe: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Steps: (screen shots are below!)

  1. Log into Cricut Access software. Create a new Canvas to open a new project.

  2. Click on Shapes in the left tab, add a Square shape, change it to 'Guide', then click on the lock at the top bar to unlock the size, key in the Width & Length you want your sign to be.

  3. Add any text and images you want to use. At this point you have a couple of choices on how to print your sign.

  4. Print & Cut for small signs: (max size is 9.25 x 6.75 for this function as it needs room to print the cut guide marks) if your sign is small enough use this by Highlighting all images & text, then click the flatten button. If for any reason it will not flatten you can highlight everything and chose the guide option at the top and select 'Print then cut'.

  5. If you want your sign to be larger you will need to make a screen shot copy of it. You can then open that screen shot and crop it, then print it on your printer. Screen shots are low resolution so what I normally will do is edit the screen shot with my photo editing software, crop it, enlarged the pixels to 300 for printing, resize the canvas to the size I want to print and then save it. When I print it I will tell the printer to print at 100% for sizing. Then if needed I use my paper trimmer to trim it to the size it want. Frame it, hang it and enjoy it!

What if I don't have a Cricut machine or Access and want them? You can buy a Cricut here on Amazon, they have many different machines at different price points and bundles too. When you get your machine you can sign up for Cricut Access online, as it's a membership it will cost you a fee to use it though, it gives you thousands of images some are free to all, some are free with the membership. Here is link to the Cricut Access help page to answer any questions you have: Access You can also create your own signs in many different software applications too, you likely have one on your computer already installed and may not even know it. If not you can also sign up for Canva or Adobe online, there is a Free Canva version that may give you everything you need. There are also many software options available to purchase: Corel is one company that specialized in design & photo software. Even Microsoft Power Point and Apple Pages offer some functionality that works for a simple sign!

Here is the screen shot of Cricut's Access software to help you locate the functions mentioned in the steps above to complete this project!

Cricut Access Hack Printable Sign
Cricut Screen showing the functions used for this easy Cricut printable sign Hack DIY project

Note: Some Links may be affiliate links where they do not cost you more to use and I may get a small amount of money to help pay for the cost of my blog... a really small amount :)


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