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  • Shelly Tschupp

DIY RV Tiny House Bathroom Trash Can!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

When you're in an RV or Tiny House you live in a very small space so you need small solutions, here's a too Cute & easy DIY RV or Tiny House Trash Can, form a galvanized vase! Perfect for the bathroom or anywhere you want a small way to hold garbage, papers, etc. I just love this size (12x6 inch) because it fits nicely in the tiny space in our RV bathroom & is the perfect size to hold a small grocery garbage bag too allowing me to recycle & reuse when I need to. And I can thread the bags handles through the vase handles to keep it in place too. You could do this to even smaller size vases to put on an office desk, craft table, etc.

Finished Cute trash can for RV

Time: under an hour active time

Expertise: Beginner



  1. Galvanized Metal Vase Planter cans to make into trash cans, I picked these up at Walmart but if they are out you can get something very similar here: Galvanized Vases 12 inch.

  2. Rope or twine, 36 inches for each bucket

  3. Glue: I use E6000 but any glue for metal & rope will work, you can also use hot glue, just know that it won't hold up for long.

  4. Stickers: I used my Cricut to cut out these cute images, here is a link to that project if you have a Cricut & want to do the same. I used permanent vinyl in black, white & pastel green for mine. But if you want some ready made stickers you can find dozens online!

5. White & Black enamel paints: enamel paints will hold up with everyday use, and adhere well to metal surfaces, I had some black Licorice FolkArt multipurpose Enamel & some White (you can buy it through these online links, or in a craft store). I then painted the handles black & the rivet white because I thought it would look nicer.

6. Clear enamel paint if you want to protect your stickers from wear & tear, I use FolkArt clear medium (you can buy it through this ink, in a craft store or online). You can also use Mod-Podge instead or any poly sealer you have.


1. Wash your vase planters in mild soapy water or wipe with rubbing alcohol to remove any built up residue, this helps your glue & paint adhere to the metal.

2. If you're gong to add stickers decide on their placement. If you are going to make the Cricut stickers do that now (link to Cricut project). I placed the starts in the image in the same spot to help line up the rest of the image! And you can resize the project to fit your vase size also. Also decide where you want to place your rope or twine. I put mine at the bottom in a coordinating color to my stickers.

Cricut Access to cut images for vinyl layers

Preparing to add the Vinyl

3. Glue your rope or twine first, when using E6000 I use a piece of masking tape to hold the starting point and let that dry before I move on. If you're using hot glue you should only have to wait a minute for it to dry. While that is drying you can make your Cricut stickers. These have 3 layers, the first layer to put on is the Black layer, second is the White layer, third is the Green layer.

4. To finish the rope, if you used E6000 as soon as it has dried remove the masking tape & tightly wind the rope around the can, I place a drop of glue every couple of inches around the can, when I get to the end I use masking tape to hold it in place while it dries. Enamels dry the touch within a half hour and cure naturally within 21 days to very hard surface, which is great for longevity.

5. To protect your stickers paint a light coat of the clear medium, paint the handles if desired.

6. Finishing it off: once the paint & glue are dried you are done, or if you used white rope you may want to give it a coat of the clear medium also to keep it white!

I hope you enjoy this easy craft & that it inspires you to make something beautiful!

Note: Links to product are affiliated and I do receive a small percentage to help pay for my blog costs, it does not cost you anything extra!


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