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DIY Napkin Holders With Interchangeable Tops for Any Season, Occasion & Decor Small Space & RV too!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Love Coastal Cottage Decor? Especially during summer time? Ever wish you had an easy way to use just one set of napkin rings for multiple seasons, occasions, and decor? Well, here is a solution that you are sure to love. Make your own DIY Napkin Holders with Interchangeable tops for Any Season, Occasion & Decor! The tops are attached magnetically to the napkin ring base. These are in a Coastal Cottage style but I can now create a set of Tops to attach during the holidays, another set for Spring, another setup for entertaining more formally. The possibilities are endless! Plus this saves me money and space for storing them. They also help me to make sure my Starfish and Shells are not broken because I can store them flat in a drawer. This is one of the easiest DIY craft projects you can do. Here is how!

DIY Interchangeable Napkin Ring

Project: DIY Napkin Holders With Interchangeable Tops

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Time: 1 hour active, easy 72 hours inactive glue drying time

Steps: Video Link if you prefer to watch how it's done: DIY Napkin Holder

1. Gather Supplies: see the supply list below, the base should be something you can glue a magnet to, I used wood but you can use plastic, ceramic, etc. The magnets should be +/- magnets that will attract to each other. The glue should be one that glues different materials together, I use E6000 as it will glue all of the craft materials I use. I do not use hot glue for this project, over time it will not hold up as these are used daily. You may have many of the items already at home, or you may want to attach a different top and only need the magnets and glue.

2. Decide on if you want the + magnets to be glued to the base or the minus magnet, it doesn't matter which you choose just be sure you know which one and always glue the other type to the tops so they will always be attracted to the base. Glue the magnet to the base, even if the magnet has a peel n stick backing, I will still add a drop of E6000 glue so I never have to worry about it coming off later. Let the glue dry for the time that the manufacturer recommends. If you want to glue other decorations like flat shells to the base like I did go ahead and do that now.

3. While the base is drying start working on the top. I recommend Gluing the magnet on only after the top is finished. That way if you make a mistake on the top you are creating you will not have wasted a magnet.

  1. Starfish & Sanddollar Top Steps: If you want to paint the shells do that first. I left mine natural.

  2. If you are attaching two charms with a jump ring as I did do that before gluing it to the Starfish.

  3. Next Glue the charm to the top of the Starfish, if it starts to move you can use painters tape to hold it in place overnight.

  4. Once the charms has dried flip the the Starfish and Sand Dollar over and check the magnet you are going to glue the underside of the shell, make sure it is the opposite magnet (plus or minus) from the base and that it is attracted to the base magnet. Once you are sure, glue it to the underside of the top seashell, or other top you have created. Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturers recommendation,

  5. Enjoy your Beautiful Creation and when you have time make another set of tops for your next upcoming season or occasion! I can definitely see holiday tops, party tops, tons of ideas!!

Supply List:

Supplies & links: shopping list on Amazon

Individual item links if you only need some things:

Wooden Napkin Ring Base

Jewelry Pliers

If you want to just buy a set I sometimes have them in my Etsy shop:

Note: Some links are affiliated, some are not, they do not affect your cost to use them and I am not sponsored by any company.

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