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Farmhouse Easy DIY Painting Metal Pots!

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

So I'm shopping for 3 things in Hobby Lobby and I go down the farmhouse isle... bad decision. I left with a dozen items, as usual! I came across 3 cute Farm House white & black enamel metal decor planters that I fell in love with, they just needed a little something extra to personalize them. Why have the same decor that everyone else bought when in a few minutes you can create something extraordinary? I chose to add those wonderful farmhouse sayings and some cute Gnomes, Bee's and Tree's to a planter/pitcher & a couple of potbelly bowls!

The Watering Can is for decor only or you can use it as a planter. I thought Save the Bee's was a cute saying for one side!
DIY Painted Farmhouse Planter Shaped like a Watering Can

Why is it in my oven? Because I painted it with Enamel paints, the same paints I use for Glassware, and it came out just beautiful, plus by baking the enamels they will not wash off, this cute Gnome & Farmhouse inspired decor is sure to last a long time! Here's how I did it, what you would need and I hope you enjoy this project!

Project: Farmhouse Easy DIY Painting Metal Pots

Time: active 30 minutes for one side, drying time 4 hours or. overnight, bake in oven 350 degrees 30 minutes = done!

Difficulty Level: Beginner

  1. A metal pot, or ceramic, or glass in a light color.

  2. Marabu Black Glass & Porcelain Paint Marker

  3. FolkArt MultiPurpose Enamel Paints: Clear Medium, Sun Yellow, Bright Gold, Black (Licorice) (or your favorite brand)

  4. Small paint brush, round/pointed

  5. Your own design on copy paper

  6. Transfer Paper (carbon transfer paper works great)

  7. Around the house: paper towels or rag, plastic cup with water to clean brush, tape, rubbing alcohol & a ball point pen or pencil, aluminum foil & flat cookie sheet, gloves if you like.


  1. Wash your pot with soapy water, dry, then wipe with rubbing alcohol to prep the surface

  2. Setup your work space

  3. Take your design and cut it out so you can tape it to your pot. Take your transfer paper & cut a slightly larger piece than your design. Note the dull side of the transfer paper is where the graphite is & should face towards the pot.

  4. Decide where you want to. place your design, tape down the transfer paper first (dull side facing the pot), then tape your design over the transfer paper.

  5. Using your ball point pend or pencil trace over your design, when done remove both the design and transfer paper. You should see your design transferred.

Using pencil to transfer a design

6. Shake your paint marker, then with its first use you will need to pump the tip of the marker a few times to get the paint flowing. Begin drawing over your transferred marks, I usually swipe the marker back & forth until I get the amount of coverage I want. For larger areas use your paint brush to fill in the shapes. These are water based paints for easy cleanup too!

  • Tip: For any area that you want to have gold accents do one coat of Yellow first, let that dry (takes 5 minutes or less), then do one coat of Bright Gold over it. If you only do the Gold you will have to do many coats as metallics tend to be more transpapent.

7. By the time you're finished you will see that the first areas are dry, as each area dries go over it again with one coat of the Clear Medium. The clear medium paints on milky white & dries clear. This will seal the Paint Marker & Paints ensuring long lasting wear. Once finished allow your masterpiece to dry for at least 4 hours before baking,

Using a template
The clear coating paints on white and dries clear.

8. Bake: Cover your cookie sheet with aluminum foil, place that and your pot into a cold oven, set the oven to 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

Finished project


Do I have to bake it? No, baking cures the paint immediately and makes it top rack dishwasher safe. If you don't want to bake it, it will cure in 21 days. If it's going on a shelf just don't scrub it for 21 days! When air dried it will NOT be dishwasher safe, but will be very safe to hand wash.

What if I make a mistake? Easy to fix, if the marker or paint is still wet wipe off with a paper towel, q-tip, I've used my finger.. if it is dry you can scrape it off, I've done that with a toothpick, or metal utensil, or my fingernails.

Where can I get supplies? All of the supplies used can be found here, note these are affiliated links that will not cost you additional money however provide me with a small amount to offset the cost of this blog.

Can I do this with a Tin Mug? Absolutely, just only paint on the outside of the mug, while these are safe waterbed paints they should not come into contact with food.

Where can I get designs? I use Cricut Design Space a lot, this is one of their designs, you can find free designs all over the internet, google a search for 'free XXX clipart' (what you are looking for, ie: 'free Bee clipart').

What is the advantage of using Enamel paints over Vinyl? Either works well for solid colors, especially permanent vinyl! This method gives the pot a 3D raised effect which is a different look and when baked is top rack dishwasher safe. it can also be used to do a full painting on your object using as many colors as you like too!

Where can I get the paint brush holder? I sell them as Soap Dishes, then one of my wonderful Etsy Customers told me she uses it to hold her art brushes, I love it when something has multiple uses! If you don't have any local I do sell them available here.

Can I just buy one of the one's you made? Possibly, they are posted at my Etsy Shop until they sell out:


Completed Photos!

Decor ideas farmhouse style

Double sided project gives you more options for decor in less space

Family memories

Paint sayings that speak to you

Clear coating your work starts out cloudy and dries clear

Enamel paints provide a 3D effect

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