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Easy Farmhouse Utensil Holder DIY with Cricut or Silhouette!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Farmhouse Utensil Holder DIY

This is a super easy way to add Farmhouse style to your kitchen by adding a Farmhouse Utensil Holder, this DIY project uses your Cricut, Silhouette or other paper cutting machine, permanent black vinyl & if desired a bit of paint. I'll include a link below to the design on Cricut Access so if you have that you can just click and use what I created.

Project time: 15 minutes to cut & apply the label. If your utensil holder needs to be painted white, 1 hour active total time excluding drying time.

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Black Permanent Vinyl, transfer tape, cutting machine & standard tools ie: Circuit, Silhouette, etc. & if needed white & clear spray paint, black multi-surface paint & paint brush and masking tape!


  1. Buy a utensil holder the size you want to use, wash & dry it. I bought mine on Amazon and it was plain galvanized aluminum, I painted it white around the main body of the holder, and then touched up the top edge with black. Here is a link to the supplies I used if it helps: Click for Supplies.

  2. If needed tape off anything you do not want to paint, spray paint the color you want, let dry between coats, if painting galvanized steel it may take 2 or 3 coats of color. After that dries and if it will be placed near the stove or range you should put 2 coats of clear over that, this way if grease or food splatter gets on it you can easily clean your utensil holder! If you want to do any other painting do so before applying the vinyl! I took a small craft bush and painted the top and bottom edges of mine in FolkArt Black Licorice Multi-Surface paint to pick up the black label.

  3. Measure the size of the label you want to cut, if using my link on Cricut Access (Click here to go to this design on Access) be sure to select Customize and resize the label to fit your utensil holder. If you are not using Cricut Access you can create the label (or a similar one) using your machine's software following your cutters instructions.

  4. Load and cut the label with permanent black vinyl (it is thicker than removable, it can be wiped off easily and will last a long time). For anything near the stove I recommend using a glossy vinyl for easier clean up. Weed your label, then using transfer tape align the label on your utensil holder and starting in the middle of the label press outwards with your scraper removing any bubbles, once it is pressed tightly peel back the transfer tape. The closer you keep the transfer tape to the item you are peeling it roff of the less likely it will remove the vinyl you just applied. If you do not have experience practice on another item ie: an empty pickle jar you were going to toss out, etc. !!

  5. Load it with utensils & share your creation with your friends!!

Note: links are affiliated, they do not cost you more to use but do provide me with a tiny bit of income to support this blog.

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