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Ocean Table Top Resin Colors that Pop!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

When you are pouring with Resin one of the hardest things is to get color that pops, with limited control over the final product you'll want to select colors that work together while also having enough contrast to really show off the many variations, cells and veins that only a Resin artwork gives! Here's how to do a great Ocean Resin artwork every time:

Finished Ocean Resin pour Table Top
Ocean Resin Lazy Susan or Table Top... WOW

Things to consider when making an Ocean Table Top with Resin Colors that Pop

Pick colors that work together yet also have a full range of dark to light hues.

Pick colors that include no more than 45% shimmer, by leaving some flat you'll find that the shimmering colors stand out even more.

Place more of your colors dark on one side and work towards more lighter on the other side.

Colors used in this project:

Materials and colors used
Colors used in this project

General Supplies you need to do Resin Artworks can be found here.

Let me know if there is a specific resin project you'd like me to try! I'd love to see pictures of your own artworks so join and post! Happy creating!

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