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Original Scrapbox Review Design can be chaotic, your studio doesn't have to be

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Have you ever noticed that your art and craft supplies eventually end up pretty much everywhere, in multiple closets, drawers and boxes? Have you ever bought new supplies only to find them duplicated in some back corner of your home? Well, if that's happened to you, as it has to me, then this might be the perfect solution.

The Original Scrapbox is not for the faint of pocket, first up is 'The Original ScrapBox', and this is truly a whole new level of organization. So before I share the price I want you to consider just how magical this furniture is, it can save you time and money in the long run because once you load it and label it, as you will definitely want to do, you will know exactly what you have and it will be right there, at the ready for you to use!

The Original Scrapbox Workbox 3.0
This looks like an ordinary Armoire fact, it's a powerhouse of storage options holding an incredibly amount of arts & crafts supplies, includes it's own lift up/fold down desk, all of the accessories holders you could ever need to organize your storage, your crafting tools and embossing machines such as Cricut or Silhouette Cameo all fit too! It even includes a cutout for running power to the desk area. Gotta love it!

Open view of The Original Scrapbox Workbox 3.0

Shelly Tschupp Original Scrapbox Workbox 3.0
This is mine, I'm still labeling all of the pull outs too!

How much does a magical piece of furniture cost? Around $2,200 plus shipping. Is it worth it? Having saved for two years to buy one, I absolutely love it and would recommend it to everyone who can save enough pennies for it! They offer sales from time to time too, and have added a couple of models (Sew & Dream Carts) with prices ranging from. $499-$1200. Check it out here!

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