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  • Shelly Tschupp

Craft Blanks to make Gifts or Sell!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Where can you find Crafts Blanks to make gifts or sell? Here's some great places to find them! Everything from Wine & Lunch Totes to Cutting Boards, Drink Glasses & more! When I first started crafting the ideas and possibilities were almost overwhelming. I can make so many beautiful things, where do I start? Where do I find the materials at a great price? I've shopped at the local craft stores, and while they do have a lot if great items to chose from they are often for decorating a home, not always useful gifts.  I have a great team that I adore who is also very diverse in their personalities and styles.  I wanted to give them something special every December. Something I made myself, that I know they will actually use and enjoy, that's a challenge when individuals have such a variety of tastes!  I've found  many Crafting Blanks that are great usable gifts for everyone below is a list of my favorites!

Places to buy Craft Blanks to Make Gift or Sell:

Amazon has a lot of blanks perfect for crafting, I've put over 50 of my favorites here

Michaels has started a new search option for Blanks, check those out here

Dollar Stores often have great items to use as blanks, but often changes so it's always an adventure!

Walmart! Yes, Walmart carries many great blanks, glass jars to cutting boards too! Try here

Click here for more great Craft ideas & Blanks!

Note some links are affiliates, others are not.


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