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Trying Infusible Inks on store bought Polyester Shirts

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

While I love Cricut & their products sometimes I want to test out Infusible Ink Pens on store bought products, like these great shirts I found on Amazon. So I tested how that would work and it did! Infusible Inks work on 95-100% Polyester materials. Using a few of Cricut's Access images: Turtles, Inhale Exhale, and even some of my own artwork doodles I was able to create some cute shirts to wear. Check them out!

Finished infusible test on store bought polyester shirt

Infusible inks on store bought polyester shirt idea

Trying Infusible Inks on Store bought Polyester Shirts

Project: Trying Infusible Inks on Store bought Polyester Shirts

Difficulty Level: Easy

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Where to buy these shirts in many colors: Amazon

Where to buy other Polyester Blanks for Infusible inks: Here are some of my favorites


  1. 95-100% Polyester shirt or product

  2. 1 - 20lb Laser Copy paper for the Infusible Ink Pens to draw on, and color in where you want

  3. 1 - Butcher paper larger than your design, you can get this at your local grocery store

  4. White card stock to prevent Ink from bleeding through when you heat it

  5. Protective Teflon sheet (Cricut or off brand)

  6. Heat Resistant Tape: I usually forget to use this, as I did in this project, just be super careful to not move or slide the Easy Press2 at all as it might shift your design and ruin it!

  7. Easy Press2 (for Infusible Inks)

  8. Cricut Machine & Light Grip (light Blue) Mat


  1. Pick your design in Cricut or make & upload a design in Design Space. Highlight the design and select "Draw". Size your design to fit your shirt, Cricut Design Space has a great template feature in the Left side panel, I click that, search 'shirt' and pick the one closest to the shirt I'm making. When the screen goes back to your design at the top you can select Men or Womens shirt type & your size too! Adjust your design to your liking, just keep in mind the copy paper is 8.5x11 inches in size. For larger designs you would need to draw it on more than one sheet and tape them together.

  2. Click the "make it" button in the upper right corner, click to mirror your design, then search for "Copy Paper" as your material. Place your copy paper onto your light grip (light blue) mat. Cut out your design.

Materials used
I bought a big pack of mixed colors, here I used Blueberry, Neon Blue and Bright Teal

3. Follow the Cricut Prompts to insert your pen, I normally use Black .4 to do the outline so that I can color in the areas I want in other colors.

4. Remove the mat, peel the mat away from the copy paper, using Infusible Inks color in your design to your liking.

5. Follow the Cricut Infusible Ink Easy Press steps here

6. For the heat settings Cricut recommends 385 degrees for 40 seconds, but I find that is not enough time and increase mine by 10 to 15 seconds, for even Cricut's own shirts they sell, and then I carefully check a corner and add more if needed.

Done! Enjoy your beautiful new shirt!

Designs: The Inhale Exhale shirt is a Cricut Access Design you can find it here. The other design is my own artwork that I use for my print on Demand products I sell on Etsy.

Infusible ink shirt tranfer


  • Machine wash inside out with cold water and mild detergent  

  • Tumble dry low or line dry  

  • Do not use fabric softener, dryer sheets, or bleach

Note: Links are affiliate links which do not cost you more money to purchase products however do help to defray the costs of this blog.

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