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  • Shelly Tschupp

Easy Beautiful DIY Gift Bag to Make with Cricut!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Sometimes I find I have a desire to create a special gift box or bag, often the one's I see on Design Space are too small, even when I try to make them larger they don't hold much. I did find this design which ended up working great for narrow gifts like soap!

Project: Easy Beautiful DIY Gift Bag Cricut

Time: about 30 minutes to cut and make 5 gift boxes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Materials: (shopping link)

  1. Cricut Machine & Design Access

  2. Cardstock 1 sheet 12x12 for each box

  3. Sticky tape or zots

  4. Vinyl 2 colors - do not mirror image!

  5. Transfer Sheet, you can reuse one 4x4 piece for all of the boxes

  6. Acetate 1 sheet 12x12 did all five boxes

  7. Ribbon (I used about 20 inches for each box)

  8. Mini Brads (optional, I used them to make a quick bow)

  9. Scoring tool (either the original stick or the new tool, both work)

  10. Debossing tool (optional if you have the Maker, if not you can cut it in Vinyl, I wanted to test it out!)


Easy to make beautiful window Gift boxes. I used metallic yardstick, ribbon, Vinyl and pattern acetate!

  1. Open the design and decide if you wish to debase, if not you can click on that and change it back to cut, change the words, or delete it!

  2. Make your design and then remove all materials from your mats.

  3. Glue your Acetate down first, I used Zot dots.

  4. Using Transfer sheet pull up your Vinyl Foreground piece, in mine it's the White Raccoon, then lay that on top of the background piece, in mine it's a light green pattern, now you can place it down on the flattened box in one step. Be sure to rub it well before removing the transfer sheet. I find if I can keep the transfer sheet as flat as possible when removing it works best.

  5. Fold your box, long sides first, then the bottom sides. Using tape or dots place along the long side seam, press together. For the bottom I folded the shorter sides in first then applied sticky double sided tape to them, folded in the first longer bottom, placed sticky tape on that and folded over the last bottom side.

  6. Cut your ribbon, I used about 6 inches for each handle, you can use any length you want. Thread it though both holes and tie together on one side. On the other side repeat but this time on the front side thread the tag.

  7. To make the bow I just took the Ribbon and twisted it, then pushed a Brad through the center and the top of the bag!

Supplies: if you need supplies try here

Note affiliated links do not cost you extra to purchase, they just provide me with a very small commission to help pay for my blog!


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