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Easy Rudolph Wine Glass Gift Idea Using Permanent Vinyl Cricut or Other Cutting Machine!

So your planning your holiday party, dinner or gathering and want to really do something nice for everyone, but what? Here's a really easy way to put that Cricut, Sihlouette, or Brother cutting machine to good use and give everyone a personalized Rudolph Wine Glass! So easy to do, and very reasonably priced! These can even be your seating place cards surpise at the table! My total cost was $1.50 per glass for the materials, it took me a day as I did 6 of them. If you have Cricut you can save time starting with my design.

Difficulty: Easy for Cutting Vinyl machine Crafters!

Time: design time plus 15 to 20 minutes per glass

  1. Permanent Vinyl (Brown, Black and Red - I used holographic) , standard Transfer tape, your machine that cuts vinyl, and the tools you use with it such as a standard mat, weeding tools, etc. Do not use removeable vinyl for this as it will come off pretty fast. Permanent vinyl will adhere for a while, hand wash is required for it to last!

  2. Wine glasses, stemmed or stemless (sometimes I can find these at the Dollarstore, if not try Walmart or Amazon, I do provide a link for some above).


  1. If you have a Cricut here is a link to my design in Access, feel free to use it! Take a look around as I have 88 shared projects, you might find some more inspiration!

  2. If you do not have a Cricut, look at the software your machine provides, it's very likely a set of deer Antlers will be in it, if not scroll down and I will give you a screen shot you can convert to whatever software your machine uses. There are many free websites that will convert a jpg to svg, etc. Some software in these cutters allow you to import, feel free to use. For the nose, it is just a an oval. I used a Cottage Style font and welded the letters so the names would print as a single piece to make transferring them easier. I did have to adjust the size of the longer names.

  3. Measure your wine glass to see what size you need for your image, I find the flexible sewing measure tape is the easiest to use on glass. Don't go too small or you will have problems weeding out the names!

  4. Wash your glasses and remove any product stickers! Wash your hands also so that the glass stays clean when transferring.

  5. Design the image in your machine software. If you can, before cutting your vinyl, do a dry run with something inexpensive like copy paper. Cricut Hack: In Cricut I can select everything and flatten it for a print & cut, that lets me print it out on my printer, then I can cut an oval around it with scissors and put it inside the glass to confirm I'm happy with the size. For whatever reason my first attempt is always a little to big. Once you are happy, cut out one glass to test everything, apply it and then cut the rest. This way if your font is too small, you won't waste your materials! I recommend doing this even if you are using my Cricut Access design because your glass may not be the same size or shape as mine!

  6. To assemble and apply it you have two basic approaches most people use:

    1. Build it all at once on the transfer tape then transfer it as one piece

    2. Place each piece of the design individually

      1. I prefer to build it all at once on the transfer tape, then apply it to the glass as a single piece. To do that I cut several small 1 inch marks around the edges of the transfer paper since that helps me to bend the vinyl around the glass. But if you find that too difficult, just apply the antlers first then the name, then the nose.

Here is a screenshot of my image if it helps you! If for any reason you want these but don't have a machine reach out to me in my Etsy shop PaintingArtsNCrafts and I can see if I can do it for you. The cost will of course be higher as you are paying for my time, materials, Etsy's markup, shipping and taxes. I hope this quick project inspires you to make something beautiful today!

What a cute easy gift! Rudolph Wine Glass
Reindeer Antlers personalized Rudolph Wine Glass Design DIY

Note: some links are affiliate however do not cost you to use, they just occasionally pay me a few pennies which helps pay for the annual costs of this blog!

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