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  • Shelly Tschupp

Easy 5 Minute DIY Gift Bookmark So Beautiful for Book Lovers!

Ever been at a book store, like Barnes & Noble, and near the register they have all of these beautiful bookmarks? But they want $7 to $15 for them.. that's a bit pricey right now. So, I went on Amazon and sure enough, I made these for 75 cents each! Yes, 75 cents.. what is even more astounding is just how beautiful they came out, and I did each one in less than 5 minutes. Crazy!! Here's what you need and how to do them. I hope it helps you make some great gifts for those you love!


From home: Scotch or blue masking tape, scissors for trimming, maybe a toothpick to help position the flowers .....that is all you need!

Steps & Tips: be sure to read before you begin!!

  1. Open up the flowers, arrange and sort them in ways you like for each bookmark.

  2. Open up the Tassels, select the colors you want for each bookmark

  3. Wash your hands to reduce finger prints, open up the Acrylic bookmarks and peel off the film on each side.

  4. Lay the flowers on the bookmark, trim any excess beyond the bookmark with scissors

  5. Now to apply the flower to the bookmark use a small 1 inch piece of tape from around the house (such as Scotch or blue painters tape) and place half of that piece over the flower, then using your fingernail peel back the flower from the vinyl backing (hold on only to the tape, do not touch the flower, if you touch the sticky side your fingerprints will be forever transfered and very noticable!). Place the flower on the bookmark, for longer flowers I found using a toothpick on one end gave me more control without leaving my fingerprints.

  6. Apply any of the butterfly stickers.

  7. Push the tassle rope through the hole at the top and thread the tassle end through it so that it holds itself in place. I did not add any glue, you could put a drop but gravity seems to keep these in place.

  8. If adding an initial thread the tassle rope through the hole on both the intial and bookmark, then pull the tassle back through the rope.

  9. These a 5 inches long, perfect for most holiday cards, birthday, etc. Or, tie it with a bow to a book you wrapped, or a Recipe book, or use them on a Christmas tree as ornaments!!

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