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  • Shelly Tschupp

Easy & Funny Laundry Hamper Multilayer Iron-On

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Everyone has a laundry hamper, and although doing laundry can be boring, your hamper doesn't have to be. Jazz it up with your Cricut using Iron or Vinyl! I love how easy and funny this Hamper project was, even for a beginner.

Project: Laundry Hamper Iron-on

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: easy

Required if you want to use this design: Cricut Access membership if you want to use the designs I used, if not use your own! Click to get this design in Cricut Access.

Finished Laundry Hamper Iron-On

Finished Laundry Hamper side view

Supplies: Links to all materials and tools can be found here

  1. Iron On in shades or patterns you love, I used Cricut Lite Black, Gray, Blue, and Stronger Bond Pattern in Teal,

  2. Iron or Cricut Easy Press

  3. Cricut, Sihlouette or other cutting machine

  4. Scissors

  5. Towel or pad to put under the items as you Iron On

  6. Teflon is optional, you can use the carrier sheet to protect one layer while adding another


  1. Gather materials and iron your material to remove any wrinkles and help the Iron On adhere better

  2. Create your own design or use this one (click here) - Cricut Access is required as I used their Artwork, I do not charge anything for you to use my Cricut designs.

  3. Cut out your design, since this is Iron On be sure to select the Mirror Option and place the Iron On shiny side down (Matt side up). If this is your first time ever doing Iron On you should check out the detailed instructions on Cricut's or your machine's website.

  4. Weed your design to remove the Iron On around the design that you do not want to end up on your final piece. Iron on weeds very easily and this design is not overly complex.

  5. Start with the side view, His or Hers, using your scissors trim the clear carrier sheet close around the bottom of the 'His' piece and the Top of the deer head so that you can line up both and press them at the same time if you are using the large Easy Press. Follow the instructions for your Iron On sheet for heat settings, length of time to iron, and whether you should remove the clear carrier sheet while it is warm or wait until it is cool, and if it recommends a second heating on the back side. If you are unsure click here to use Cricut's Easy Press heat guide. Repeat the steps for 'Hers' and the Butterfly.

  6. For the middle section 'Ours', you will be doing a multi layer, this means you will place the dots and the word 'Ours' down first. You need to make sure you line up all of the 3 layers for the Raccoon but only leave the dot layer. In my design it was colored black. You may also need to trim your clear carrier sheets so that you don't accidentally iron on your Iron On onto the other carrier (been there, done that.. ouch).

I chose to use this section for items that will be bleached
Line up all of your layers to make sure they fit the way you want them to before you start ironing them on!

Layering Iron-on for the hamper
Remove all layers except for the bottom layer and iron that on first.

7. Now that one layer is ironed on, you can place the second layer, you will do a full timed press for each layer following the instructions for your specific iron on materials. To protect the 'Ours' layer you can cover it with the carrier sheet, Teflon, or a towel, you do not want the iron, Easy Press etc. to directly touch exposed iron on! Remove the carrier and add the final layer.

8. In my design I chose a pretty pattern iron on that I had which was a different material than the Iron On Lite and I had to change my heat settings and timing, so be sure to check!

9. Now to finish the font layers: I ironed on the 'I said yes' and 'To Marriage' and 'Not' at the same time by carefully cutting my clear carrier sheets so that they did not interfere with the materials applying to the hamper bag. Because the word 'laundry' was in a different Iron On material it required a different heat setting. I did use Teflon to protect the other work.

10. You are done! I hope you enjoyed this more than doing the laundry itself!

Funny laundry hamper

Note: Affiliated links to supplies provide me with a tiny income that helps pay for this website, they do not increase your price in any way.


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