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Make This Peacock Bee IronOn Multi Layer Blouse or Pillow

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Make this beautiful Peacock IronOn project for a blouse, pillow, jacket or other decor! Making beautiful decor with your Cricut is easy, this Peacock and Bee Ironon is a Multi layer DIY project that you can do. I put this on a blouse and love it, you can put it on a pillow too!

This is a beautiful multilayer IronOn project using Cricut Maker, Cricut Easy Press and Ombre Pattern, Metallic Pink, Light Green & Silver IronOn. If you already know how to do multiple layers of IronOn and want to create this simply click the picture above to go my Cricut page where you will find the template. Be sure to resize it for your project! If you want detailed steps read on!

Technique: Multiple layer IronOn

Difficulty: Moderate - you should already be familiar with the basics for using Cricut Design Space

Time: 1 hour to weed the complex Peacock Design, 10 minutes to IronOn.

Materials: shopping link

  1. Cricut Cutting machine, access to Cricut Design Space & Access membership.

  2. HTV IronOn in your choice of 4 colors: I used Patterned Iron-On™ Sampler, Natalie Malan Aquamarine and 3 metallics Light Green, Pink & Silver

  3. Iron or Easy Press

  4. Blouse, pillow, or whatever you wish to IronOn


1. Click here to open up Cricut Design Space, scroll to find the Template, click on it then click on Customize.

2. When the project opens you'll need to select all to check the size, given the complexity of the design I would not recommend making it any smaller as it will be too difficult to weed.

Cricut Image on Access

3. Once you are good with the size click on Make It. You will see four mats to cut.

Mirroring before cutting

4. Click Mirror On for each Mat

5. Place your IronOn Shiny Side Down on each Matt

6. Select your IronOn Materials, click Go and press the blinking button on the Cricut.

7. After the mats have been cut you will need to remove & weed the materials.

Pro Tips:

When doing multiple layers it's important to be able to cover the entire project with the plastic backing from the IronOn so that you do not put your IronOn or Easy press in direct contact with the IronOn Materials. One option is to waste an entire sheet leaving you with plenty of plastic to protect your item. Another option is to use Teflon. You can buy that below.

Multiple layering also requires you work from the back to the front. IronOn one color group at a time.

If you make a mistake, let's say the bumble bee's are not lining up, you can cut them off and do them seperately.

8. I left the Mat whole, except I cut the upper corner bumble bee's off, and to save materials I cut the bottom sections off. I know this is a waste of materials, however I also know that to line up all of the dots, and images I needed each color group to be one piece.

9. Weed like you mean it!

10. Once your weeding is done, check to see that your dots line up with the Peacock. IronOn in the following order: Pink, Green, Peacock, Silver.

11. If you are using the Easy Press the setting I used was 320 for 30 seconds for a mixed Cotton/Polyester blouse with Pattern & Metallic IronOn. Check your materials though as it could be different. Click here for the Easy Press Interactive Settings Guide

12. Some IronOn materials are removed while it's still hot, some require that you wait until it's cooled off, check the instructions that came with the IronOn you are using.

Pro Tip: At each new color line up the Peacock design to check it, if your blouse is made of stretchy material it's highly unlikely that it will line up perfectly, you can pull the material a little to ensure a better line up. Mine is slightly off but I really liked how it made it look 3 dimensional!

Enjoy! For more Cricut Templates check out my Cricut Projects page!

Note: Affiliated Links to purchase these are below after the instructions if it helps you, I do receive a small commission to help pay for my Blog however you do not pay anything extra.

Materials used
Finished Blouse, I'm very happy with it!

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Dylan Weeks
Dylan Weeks
Sep 20, 2021

Lovedd reading this thank you


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