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  • Shelly Tschupp

T-shirt Sales the Easy Way

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

So I decided to take some designs and see what would happen if I utilized a Print on Demand company, and WOW, it worked! I'm getting sales, making commission, and only had to create the design one time! That's a huge time and money saver while letting me continue to create yet also allowing me some augmented standard income. I don't have to house tons of product, or do the printing labor, I just need to be the Artist! After researching a number of companies I narrowed it down to Printify & Printful. So how do I make T-shirt Sales the Easy Way? Check it out!

I went with Printful based on numerous reviews about the quality of their print, the variety of products, many are full print rather than just a small portion of the shirt or leggings, etc. and they allow me to set my own prices above their costs. I've had an FAA account for several years but their shirts are just a square patch no matter my design, and their pricing is steep too. I was able to integrate with my Etsy store, and they helped me figure out how to turn on free shipping too! I also ordered a couple of shirts and a Yoga short to make sure I approve of the print and material quality. They also have some USA sources, which for me was huge, I really prefer to purchase from the USA if I can. I was honestly up and running in less than an hour, and they have helpful videos for those of us who are a bit Tech Challenged too. If you are interested in getting some additional income with your Facebook page or Etsy type of account this might be a good one to consider

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