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Inspirational Quotes Coasters with Cricut Infusible Ink & 3rd Party Blanks with Sublimation Tiles

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Inspirational Quotes Coasters with Cricut infusible ink tests, in this 3rd test run went really well with the new Infusible Inks and their compatibility with 3rd Party blanks. I colored in some parts of the design to give it a small pop of color. I did find the Neon Yellow a bit greenish and I'm wondering if I should shake the pens first to mix up the paint? This project is sure to cheer someone up who needs cheering. Check out the pictures and tips below!

Project Time: about 30 minutes

Supplies: (click here to purchase

  1. Cricut with Access membership, Easy Press2 (Infusible Inks do not work with the first Easy Press machine as it does not get hot enough).

  2. Heat Press Mat (Cricut or another brand works just fine, this mat is the same material as your ironing board cover only thicker)

  3. Sublimation Tiles or Cricut Infusible Ink Tiles

  4. Infusible Ink Pens .4 mm (you. can use the larger 1.0 pens if you want to color in faster after printing the outline): Basic Black, Neon Yellow & Neon Green.

  5. Butcher Paper & Microfiber type cloth

  6. Laser Photo Copier Paper 8.5x11 & White Card Stock

  7. High Temperature Heat Resistant Tape for us with Sublimation or Cricut Heat Resistant Tape

  8. Cork Peel N Stick Backing optional

  9. This Cricut Design is ready to make, just double check your Tile size and adjust as needed, click here & select customize.

Steps & Pro Tips: Following Cricut's basic instructions you will need to:

  • Log into Cricut Design Space and click here to locate the design.

  • Measure your tile, if it is a different size click each design to adjust the size & Save!

  • Click Make It, on the pop up click Mirror!

  • You should move the design so that 2 are on one page by clicking one of the designs and selecting the ... symbol, then select Move to another mat, in the pop up click the + symbol to add another mat and place two on it, Center each pair so that they cut towards the middle of the mat area for 8.5x11 paper. (fig 1.)

Cricut Access
I found that cutting 4 on the same page tore some edges so I recommend 2 designs per page max.

  • Using the Blue Light Mat place your Copier paper on it. Be sure to use a mat that has some sticky all around so that the paper doesn't tear when it cuts the outer square edges.

  • Follow the prompts on your computer or iPad screen to add the pens as needed during the cutting process.

  • Peel the mat off of the paper by turning it over and holding the paper down to reduce paper curling.

  • If you want to color in any part of the design on the copier paper do so now, be sure to put the white card stock or other paper below your copier paper incase it bleeds through. Tip: you only need one layer of ink to get vibrant color!

  • Follow the Cricut Heat Setting Guide to warm up your EasyPress2 here.

  • While you're machine is warming up wipe your tiles with the microfiber cloth to remove dust.

  • Using the heat tape, tape your image ink side towards the tile face so that it transfers.

Tape Copier Paper Face Down to the top of the tile so the Ink transfers.

  • Place your White Card Stock onto your Heat Press Mat.

  • Place your tiles face side down onto your Heat Press Mat. If you have the largest Easy Press2 you can heat transfer all four tiles at the same time too.

  • Place your Butcher paper on top of the tiles (this protects the surface of the Easy Press2 from any Ink getting on it).

  • Once your Easy Press C light turns green you can place it on top of the butcher paper and press the C button to start the process, do not press down on it for Tiles. Pro Tip: Do NOT move your Easy Press2 at all, not one tiny bit, just leave it and let it do the work for you!

  • When it beeps carefully lift up the Easy Press2 and place it in it's holding tray. Do Not touch your project until it fully cools, hard I know, but it is very hot and until it has cooled any movement could move the ink around and destroy all of your hard work!

  • Once Cooled completely turn over the tiles and remove the Heat Resistant Tape to peel off and reveal your wonderful creation!

Up close view of Infusible ink pens transferred to 3rd party blank coasters

3rd party blank coaster with infusible inks

Shopping List available here on Amazon for most everything you need, this is an affiliate link, you will not pay more for using it, I do receive a tiny commission that helps pay for my blog. If you prefer to purchase ready made crafts I do sell them on Etsy.

I hope you found these steps helpful! Leave a comment and let me know if you like this project, share your own crafts or if you want me to try out a product or method!

Facebook page: PaintingArtsNCrafts

The information in this weblog is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights, it's intended to share tips and project steps with others,


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