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  • Shelly Tschupp

5 Ways to Add Spring Colors to Your Table!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Spring is Here! And with it comes the promise of bright flowers and a renewal of life, a much needed outlook in these dark times. Adding some Spring colors to your table and home can bring in some cheer and positive thoughts too. Here are some simple fun ways to add Spring Colors to Your Table!

1. Add a flowered centerpiece! Nothing says spring quite so much as freshly picked flowers! Or buy some from the grocery store, be sure to change the water every couple of days to keep them fresh.

Create new table mats with this fun free family activity you can do with the kids from! These are free printable so all you need is a printer, paper, time and crayons, markers or coloring pencils, so cute!

Update your Napkin Rings with bright colors, this 6 pack of solid colored cloth napkins are affordable and come in 8 colors including 3 Spring colors, light purple, light green and gold making them reusable for many decorating themes!

Invest in a new showcase item to set out on the table, these hand painted Artisan Tableware items are both inviting and beautiful! Available on Etsy!

Make some elegantly simple Napkin Rings! This Cricut idea from 100 is super easy to do, even if you don't have a Cricut you can just draw your own, you just need paper, pen, tape and scissors!

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