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  • Shelly Tschupp

My Favorite Small Space Towel Bar Storage Solution!

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

It's important to have space for everything you need, especially in a bathroom! Here is my favorite small space towel solution, it gives you more space in any bathroom, at home, in your RV, and it's so simple to do this storage solution! Four coat hangers are the perfect size to roll wash cloths for quick access, after using just hang them on the Coat hanger to dry! A Swivel bar is a great way to hang multiple towels and takes up very little space. Below are the Towel Bar and Coat Hangers that I chose to match my Coastal decor, the area they are hanging in is 12 inches deep by 20 inches wide. There are so many different styles of these Swivel Towel Bars from two bars, three bars, to 6 bars, you can chose one to match your space and decor style too. If you want to use this in a very small area you might opt for a towel bar that has a smaller wall attachment area so that you can hang it very close to the inner corner of the wall to screw into a wall stud. If no wall stud is available you can use wall anchors instead, just be sure they are rated for the weight of the towels when damp. Here is the link to the one's I bought on Amazon if you want to check them out (Towel Bar, Coat Hanger, Towels).

Note: I was not paid to promote this product I just loved it. My links are affiliated, it costs you nothing to use them but I could get a few pennies if you use them to buy, which helps defray the cost of this website.


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