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Chalk Paint Furniture Makeover Rust-oleum Chalked Paint & Glaze Products Review!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Chalk Paint Furniture makeover with gray wash to bring out the wood carved details

This furniture makeover came out beautiful! My daughter had this little dresser and I had let her paint it in super bright colors when she was 9, now she's 23, moving out & furnishing her own place! We are super excited for her, as as she is a teacher she has very little money so we worked together to DIY as many things as possible, this is one of those projects. How do you turn a Childs cute mini dresser into an elegant side table? Chalk paint, that's how! I chose Rust-oleum Chalked Paint in Linen White & their Smoked Glaze and WOW, we couldn't be happier! Done in 4 easy steps! Overall I found Rust-Oleums products to be easy to use, reasonably priced, had quick dry times, and best of all were water based for simple clean up, I will definitely buy them again!

Project: Chalk Paint Furniture Makeover

Time: 2.25 to 4 hours active depending on prep required, 48 hours inactive

Difficulty: Easy

It's all in the details


  1. Prepare furniture to paint, wipe with clean cloth to remove dirt, grime etc and let dry. If it is really dirty use a TSP cleaner like Krud Kutter If it was previously coated with a clear sealer either deglaze it using something like Klean Strip or lightly sand to create grip for the new paint. Make sure that your furniture is dry before painting.

  2. Using White primer spray paint the furniture, this may take between one to three Coats depending on how dark the prior color was. Allow it to dry between coats following the manufacturers instructions. We did two coats of primer to get to solid white.

  3. Once dry brush on Chalk Paint in your choice of color, I used Linen White. You can use any paint brush you have, or you can use a Chalk Brush. When using a standard brush you will have visible brush strokes when you are done, this is great if you want to have some grain effect, just be sure to brush in the direction of the grain. If you want a truly flat effect use a Chalk Brush. Allow to dry.

  4. To create the Glaze effect gather these supplies: a very small flat brush, one dry paper towel, and one slightly damp paper towel. Stir the glaze, I do this before I open it, literally I shake it like crazy. I guess I could just open it then stir it with a stick! I paint it on a small section, wipe it once with a flat hand technique and dry paper towel ( by keeping my hand flat against the furniture I leave more glaze in the groves). Take a look to see if that's the look you wanted, if not find a clean spot on your paper towel and wipe it again. If any glaze is where I don't want it I wipe it off with the damp paper towel. This is a water based glaze so it will come right back off with water. If I removed too much I just repaint that area and wipe off the excess. Continue until you have the amount of glazing you want then let it dry overnight before adding the final top coat. I did go through about 10 paper towels. I also tried using a cloth but was unhappy with what it removed and what it left.

  5. Day two: finishing your piece. You have options on how you want to have it look, I chose to finish it in a Polyurethane Matt finish since it was raining outside. Here are some options:

Scroll down for additional step by step photos!

Affiliated Product links to make it easier for you to find the product, do shop around for best prices, often your local hardware store will carry many of these at low prices too!

List of Supplies used From your home: Paper towels and a small flat craft brush, gloves are optional

Materials needed
Materials to Glaze

Paint on the glaze in a small area, immediately wipe off excess

Wiping off the glaze to reveal the details
Using a dry paper towel laying my hand flat to the furniture I removed the top glaze leaving some in the cracks

You can always add more
Repeat wiping with clean areas of your paper towel until you are happy with the result!

Make sure you are happy with the results before clear coating
If you get glaze where you do not want it dampen a paper towel with water to wipe it off

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