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DIY Wine Glass Painting White Daisies Easy Tutorial!

Updated: Apr 6

One of the most loved flowers are White Daisies, traditionally representing purity and innocence it's no wonder many chose them as part of their Wedding Decorations. You can absolutely paint White Daisies, and on Glass too! Below I use a simple technique anyone can do and provide a video tutorial also. Check it out!

DIY Wine Glass Painting White Daisies Easy Tutorial! Let's get started!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Timeframe: 2 hours depending on how many flowers you want to paint on your glass

Supplies list below or click this link

  • FolkArt Mult-Surface paints: Black, White, Moon Yellow, Yellow, White Pearl, Medium Green, Foliage Green, Clear Medium.

  • Craft Brushes: Short Bristle Round 0 Size, Thin Liner 00 Size, large and small DOT tools and a small palette knife for mixing colors.

  • Plastic straw, scissors Water, Cup to Clean bushes, paper towels, masking tape, ruler, small flat paint palette, a small plastic plate will do just fine, and a small heat gun or hair dryer to hasten the painting time.


  • Wash & dry your glass with warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol

  • Gather all supplies

  • Start by measuring your straw on one end 5/8th of an inch down from the end, put a piece of tape there so you know how far to cut. Cut the end of the straw into 6 strips, try make the thickness the same, cut up to the 5/8 inch mark. Remove the tape. Press that end of the straw down to spread out the strips, this will be your template for painting the flowers.

  • Pour a small amount of white paint on the palette, about the size of a quarter. Dab your straw flower template into it a few times to grab a good bit of paint. Holding your glass in one hand and paint covered straw template in the other dab once where you want a flower to go, rotate the straw a quarter turn and dab again. The center will be unpainted which is exactly what you want.

  • Repeat as many flowers around the glass as you want to paint.

  • Add a tiny amount of black paint to your palette, mix some with a bit of white to create variations of gray.

  • Using your 0 Round brush pick up some white and paint the 1st petal on one flower, keep your brush strokes going in the direction of the petal, for the next petal grab some gray, for the next grab white, continue alternating white and gray around the entire flower. Repeat these steps on each flower.

  • For the center of the flowers: pour out a small amount of yellow and Moon yellow (slightly darker yellow), take a large DOT tool that is close to the size of the unpainted center and dab it into the lighter yellow on one side and the darker yellow on the other, then pounce it in the center a few times and twist it once to form the yellow flower center.

  • Taking your heat gun or hair dryer heat the yellow center until it just starts to bubble. This can take up to a minute. Once it has started to bubble take a small DOT tool and pounce it within the yellow area to create tiny raised bumps. Repeat this with each flower.

Wine Glass Painting Technique Heating the wet center paint until it just starts to bubble to stipple with the DOT tool for 3D effects.
Wine Glass Painting Technique Heating the wet center paint until it just starts to bubble to stipple with the DOT tool for 3D effects.

  • While the yellow finishes drying paint some pearl white on one side of each white petal, do not paint the gray petals. This paint is semi-translucent and adds a beautiful shimmer to your glass.

  • Mix a tiny bit of black with some of the darker yellow to create a darker yellow shade, using your smallest DOT tool stipple (or pounce) tiny dots to represent the Stigma part of the yellow flower center. This also creates more realistic depth!

Wine Glass  painting the center of the flower with a DOT tool.
Wine Glass painting the center of the flower with a DOT tool.
  • To paint the leaves and stems pour out a bit of light green and dark green on your palette, mix some of it together just a little bit. Taking your 00 Round brush grab some of mixed color, then dab one side in the light green and the other side in the dark green. Beneath each flower you will paint the leaves, one on the left and the other on the right. In the middle you will use the smaller 0 size thinner line brush to paint a straight line for the stem. Your leaves do not need to touch the stem unless you want them to. Repeat for each flower.

By picking up some of the light and some of the dark paints you get a more realistic looking leaf.
Painting the leaves and stems.
  • Check all of the flowers for any areas that need a second coat of paint, touch up etc.

  • If you wish to add some tiny butterflies, bee's or dragonflies you can use your DOT tools to paint them. Since the flower is mostly white I use a small dot tool and black paint for the undercoat. Then I add drops of gray, yellow and white to decorate it.

Because these are so small using a tiny DOT tool gives you more control over the painting.
Adding Butterflies, Bee's and Dragonflies if you want.
  • Check your wine glass to remove any paint you do not want, especially if you accidentally got some on your hands that transferred to the glass. To remove it you can wipe it with a paper towel wrapped around a DOT tool or carefully with a bit of water.

  • Because you applied the paint thickly in this process you need to let the glass dry overnight 12 to 24 hours before firing it to prevent bubbles to occur while baking.

  • Firing (Baking) Instructions: follow the manufacturers firing/baking instructions on the paint. If you used more than one brand and each has different settings go with the highest setting and longest timeframe (ex: Brand A wants 30 minutes at 350 degrees, Brand B wants 40 minutes at 320 degrees ... I would then bake it for 40 minutes at 350 degrees).

    • When baking glass you always put the glass into a cold oven and then turn it on.

    • Preheating time can be added to the total time, my oven takes 6 minutes to heat, I just add that to the bake time, so 30 minutes for me is 36 minutes.

    • After turning the oven off DO NOT REMOVE THE GLASS! Instead crack the door for a minute to let some of the heat out, close it and come back in 15 minutes to do that again, repeat until the glass is cool to the touch. Or just let it cool naturally overnight. If you remove a really hot glass from the oven it could crack injuring you and ruining your work.

    • Wash your glass using warm soapy water to remove any finger prints.

    • Care: many glass paint manufactures say their paint is top rack dishwasher safe, that said.. I hand wash my own knowing that the spray jets of my dishwasher run with high temperature for a long time blasting that paint continuously..

I hope this inspires you to create something beautiful today! If you want more inspiration be sure to check out other articles on this site, my Etsy Shop where I sell my creations, My Youtube channel where I share and teach how to do them, and My Cricut Access Profile where I share my templates to save you time!

Note: some links are affiliate, they do not cost you more to use but occasionally pay be back pennies on the dollar which helps to pay for the cost of maintaining this website.

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