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Easy DIY Spring Bling for RV Bathrooms!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Spring is almost here! One quick way to add a pop of Spring color into a space is to paint something in Spring colors. In our RV we needed a toothbrush holder and I wanted something different than the one's you buy in the store, small in size and that I could use 3M Command strips to hold it in place. I found this great 3 Vase Holder that spins at Hobby Lobby on the clearance rack and thought, hey, this would be perfect, I'll just give it some paint, distress it a bit, and best of all I can even put flowers in one of the vase holders too! This is an Easy DIY Spring Bling for RV project that anyone can do, 30 minutes active time, see the steps below!

Finished Spring Bling RV project

Project: Easy DIY Spring Bling for RV

Time: 30 - 60 minutes, if baking the paint add 30 minutes.


  1. Vase or container of your choice

  2. Base, I used a 4 inch square wood coaster blank I had which was already painted in black

  3. Waterbased Enamel paints (I used Folkart (supplies link here, for convenience) in the colors you like (Vase Colors: Folkart Sky Mist, Wysteria & Patina; Coaster base: Acrylic White, Sky Mist & Patina)

  4. Household items: Sponge, paint brush, water to clean the spong & brushes, paper towel, Rubbing Alcohol to degrease the vase before painting

  5. Sealer: Coaster: I used Polycrylic, you could use Clear spray gloss, polyurethane, ModPodge or even choose to not seal the coaster. Vase: I baked it following FolkArt instructions 30 minutes @ 350 degrees.

  6. Glue to glue the Vase to the Coaster: I used E6000 Waterproof Glue, you could use any multipurpose strong glue

  7. RV Counter: 3M Command Velcrow strips to adhere the coaster/vase to the counter

  8. Flowers if you want to add even more color


Detailed Instructions:

  • Wipe the vase with rubbing alcohol to de-grease it,this will help the paints adhere.

  • Wet & wring out your sponge, then take a paper towel and soak up all excess water. You want the sponge lightly damp to work well, this will also lengthen the life of the sponge and allow for more even coverage. I use Sea sponges, house sponges, etc.

  • Pour out some paints & using your lightly damp sponge apply the colors to the vase. Use a small or medium flat paint craft brush to paint the sides where the sponge will not reach. I apply paint to only one side of the brush to keep the other vase clean. These paints dry quickly so by the time I did one vase, I found the prior vase was already dry.

  • Tip: if you want distressed color or a color wash one coat will do that which is what I did here. If you want heavier color you may need to apply 2 or 3 coats. Allow the paint to dry one hour between coats otherwise you might find the first coat starts to remove while your applying the second coat. You do not need to bake in between coats.

  • Folkart Enamels need to dry for one hour minimum before baking at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. During this time I painted the coaster. You do not have to bake these paints however if you don't they take 21 days to cure and will not be moisture resistant.

Sponge painting technique

Different colors to add spring
  • Coaster: I painted white using a flat brush and brushing across with the grain of the wood, I chose to allow some black to show through on the sides since my RV has black accents in the bathroom. While the white paint is still wet I took a small amount of Patina color on the edge of the flat brush and swiped lines following the grain, I repeated that with the Sky Mist and set it aside to dry. If you make a mistake wipe it off with a damp paper towel or wait for it dry and repaint it. This technique gives it the look of distressed wood. Once it was dry I gave it a coat of sealer to help protect it from the moisture levels you find in bathrooms.

Using a coaster to attach easily to 3m so it will not slide when driving the RV down the road
  • Gluing the coaster to the Vase: I used a large drop of E6000 waterproof glue on each of the vase bottom metal holders, set it on the coaster and let it dry for 3 hours before moving it.

  • Applying four 3M Command velcro strips: I connected them in sets of two and applied each set underneath the wood coaster, then when I put it in the camper I removed the underside peel of strip and placed it where I wanted. I use these for easy removal without damaging the countertop.

  • Adding flowers, I love this vase as it had room for our toothbrushed, toothpaste plus a third vase holder for flowers, I did have to cut the flower bunch stem down a few inches to fit without worrying about it falling out.

I hope you like this project and give it a try!

For supplies click here, this is an affiliated link and while it won't cost you more to use it, I would receive a small amount that helps pay for my blog!


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