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  • Shelly Tschupp

Silhouette Foil Transfer Paper With Cricut Machine Review

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

There are many different ways to apply foil to a variety of materials. This is a review on the new Silhouette Foil Transfer papers & how they perform with Cricut’s Scoring wheel!

Silhouette Foil Transfer Paper & Cricut Scoring Wheel
Silhouette's Foil Transfer Paper is so shiny I have to wear Shades!

I was extremely happy with how easily this Foil transferred using my Cricut scoring wheel. Best of all there is no need to use adhesive, glue, a heat gun, foil applicator, toner sheets, or a laminator to get stellar results. It really did an outstanding job and I think this is now my favorite foiling method of all time! You only need to rub it onto paper and like magic, you got foil!

If you have an embossing machine you can get really creative and create complex designs! For this project I wanted to make a special Hanukkah card.

You can rub a design using a scoring tool, pointed object or if you have an embossing machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo you can use that! I have a Cricut, I set my Cricut image to Score rather than cut.

Once you insert your images or text onto the design screen. Click the line type icon or layer thumbnail in the Layers panel to open the Layer Attributes panel. The current line type will be highlighted. Select the Score icon and then complete your project following the normal ‘Make It’ steps to launch the cutting menu.

Next cut a piece of Silhouette’s foil large enough to cover the area you are scoring. Place it on the paper, you probably will not need to even tape it down but if you are concerned about it moving around you can. You can use the screen grid to determine where it needs to go on your paper too. Insert your Cricut mat and follow the onscreen instructions to load your Scoring wheel and complete the project.

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When it is finished and you have removed your mat simply peel off the paper and WOW!

Update: WeRMemory Keepers just announced a new product called Foil Quill, this appears to work similarly, but it a heat tool that you put in the pen slot of your embossing machine, they say it will work with all of the main machine brands. I'll have to try it out once it releases this year! Here's a video on it.

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