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Snowflake Frozen Soap Party Favors DIY!

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

With the holidays coming making home crafted decorations is always great, having parties of any kind and giving Soap Party Favors is a hot trend. This Frozen Snowflake Soap project is easy to do for beginners, using organic Melt & Pour, fragrance, coloring and glitter! If you have kids that love 'Frozen' they can even help you make these, making their own party even more special! Just be sure that you do the pouring! The clean up is super easy because, well.. it's soap :).

Project: Snowflake Frozen Soap Party Favors DIY

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time: Active 30 minutes

Finished soaps
Easy Homemade Soap Project 30 minutes or less!

Supplies: can be found here,

  1. Melt & Pour Soap Base: 22 ounces White & 11 ounces Glycerin cut into one inch cubes for one tray of 9 full size Snowflake Soaps.

  2. Fragrance oil: check your fragrance recommendations, most of mine are .5 ounces per lb of Soap. Pro Tip: check your fragrance for Vanillin, be sure to either use fragrance that does not have Vanillin in it, or you will have to add equal amounts of Vanillin stabilizer to prevent growing over time.

  3. Soap Coloring for Glycerin: 2-5 drops based on your preference

  4. Soap Glitter (fine glitter, I used Silver & Purple) optional, you can hand sprinkle or use a glitter sprayer, or a strainer works also

  5. Snowflake or other mold

  6. Temperature gun totally optional

Around the house supplies:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle

  2. Microwavable containers to melt the soap in your Microwave oven, small ones for measuring fragrance oil

  3. Gloves & Hairnet if giving away or selling

  4. Tray or platter to hold the mold if using silicone molds so you can move them to a safe location to cure overnight

  5. Kitchen scale to weigh out soap

  6. Spoons for storing

Snowflake Melt n Pour soaps are so easy and so pretty
You can make this!!

Instructions (written & video below):

Step by step:

  1. Gather all supplies, place your molds on a tray for easy handling later and begin prep:

  2. Weigh & Cut up Soap into 1 inch cubes for easy even melting, put 22 ounces of White Base in a microwave container, 11 ounces of clear Glycerin in the other

  3. Weigh your fragrance in a small container, I used Virgina Candle Supply which is a half ounce to one pound of soap. Set aside.

  4. Have your glitter ready and near by, as well as your coloring.

  5. Spray your mold with rubbing alcohol, you can also sprinkle some glitter at this time into the mold.

  6. Melt your White Base Soap using 20 second bursts in your microwave, it'll take 3 or 4 of those. Once melted add in your fragrance and stir.

  7. Melt your Glycerin, this will take about half of the time the white took. Add in your fragrance and two drops of color, stir and if desired add more drops of color. If you have a heat temperature gun check the white soap temperature and then the Glycerin, it's best if they are close to the same temperature, around 125-130 Fahrenheit is a good setting. If you don't have a heat gun that's fine, just wait 30 seconds to start pouring.

  8. Pour the white into each mold until they all even. This will fill them up about 2/3rds of the way. Then spray with rubbing alcohol. Now you can pour in the colored Glycerin. Both will mix a little but not totally. Spray rubbing alcohol and sprinkle glitter if desired.

  9. Move the tray of Soap to a safe location to cure 6-8 hours minimum or overnight, then just push out the Soaps and they are ready to package for gifting!

Like this is you enjoyed the tutorial, please let me know if you made some too!!

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