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DIY Mermaid Tail Wine Glass Tutorial!

With the image provided you can easily paint this glass!
How to paint this Beautiful Mermaid Tail Wine Glass

Summer is coming! To get ready I thought it would be fun to show everyone an easy way to paint a beautiful Mermaid Tail on a Wine Glass! Supply list & links are below along with the PDF of the image so you can paint your own! Enjoy this easy Glass painting DIY! Instructions are below but if you prefer to learn via video click here to watch my DIY Mermaid Tail Glass Painting Tutorial on Youtube (available 4/6/24)!


You only need a few items and likely have some of these at home, click here to locate them online or buy them local.

  • Wine Glass, clean & dry; water in a cup & a paper towel or rag and some tape like masking or scotch tape

  • Small 00 Round paint brush & DOT tools, we will use the smallest sizes for this project.

  • Glass Paint: Folkart Clear Medium, Pebeo Relief Liner Turquoise & Gold, Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass paint in Light Blue, Iridescent and Turquoise.

Steps to DIY Mermaid Tail Wine Glass Tutorial

  1. Print & cut out the Mermaid Tail image below leaving at least a quarter inch of paper around it, then tape it inside the glass at least 1/4 inch below the rim of the glass. If it prints too big or too small (since I do not know what size your wine glass is) adjust the print size in your printer settings to print either greater than or less than 100%.

  2. Hold the glass in a comfortable position looking directly at the center of the Mermaid tail, then using the Turquoise liner draw the outline of the Tail and Ribbon. Be careful not to smudge the liner. Let that dry for 20 minutes. Tip: I look out of one eye when tracing it, that seems to reduce warping as the glass is a bulb shape.

  3. To paint the mermaid I like to do the top of the tail first, using the DOT tools grab some of Turquoise and paint it on the ends spreading it inside of the turquoise liner, I paint the light blue in the middle, and then while it is still wet I take a dab of the iridescent to create some highlighted ares in the middle sweeping back and forth to mix it with the blues while on the glass.

  4. To paint the Mermaid scales and give it some 3D effects pick one side to be darker, take a DOT tool and paint straight turquoise in those scales, then dot light blue on the other side and mix some iridescent with blue in the middle.

  5. To paint the Ribbon, take the brush and apply a thick layer of iridescent to the center of the main area, then add on some light blue, brushing back and forth, then add in some turquoise working your way outwards to the edges. Then using the DOT tools dab some into the rest of the ribbon.  I like to use light colors against dark colors for contrast when I paint. Next being careful not to touch the rest of the paint, use the Gold liner to draw your bubbles up each side of the ribbon. I paint them larger at the bottom and make them smaller as I move up to the top of the glass. I usually place them one to the left, the next just above and to the right, alternating them as I paint. It's a great idea to make them circles, you'll be dropping a bit of color into them later and they will look like little gems on the glass! Lay down the glass so it can dry flat painted side up for about 30 minutes, you should put something on the right and left side of the glass so it does not roll over!

  6. Now to take the gold liner and holding the glass at an angle so you can see the original turquoise liner lines go over them in gold, add dots if you want, write the Mer-mazing name in the middle of the ribbon (or any name you want). If you make a mistake, quickly take dampen your brush with a little water and wipe the Gold liner off, then reapply it. Once done, carefully take the smaller DOT tool and dip it in the Turquoise, tap the center of each of the bottom few bubbles, then dip the DOT tool in the lighter blue and place a dot inside of the upper bubbles. Let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes, it can dry standing up for this.

  7. To add extra protection to your beautiful Mermaid Tail Wine Glass paint a coat of the FolkArt Clear medium over the Tail and Ribbon, not too thick but definitely give it a good coat. It will paint on a milky White color and dry clear. Check the glass for any paint smudges and carefully wipe them off with a damp paper towel. Let the Glass dry overnight.

  8. Before firing do one last final check for any smudges, if you find any scrape them off with your fingernail or a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel works great.

  9. To fire your Glass place it on a tray in a cold oven, then set the oven temperature to 350 degrees, and your timer to 40 minutes plus your ovens normal heat up time (my oven takes about 5 minutes, so I set mine for 46 minutes total). When the timer alerts you it's done, turn the oven off and crack the door to let out some hot air for a few minutes. Close the door, and wait about a half hour, open and let out some more hot air. repeat this until the oven has cooled and the Glass is cool enough to hold it. It can take a couple of hours. Or just leave it for a few hours and it will cool too. Never take the glass out when it is super hot as it might explode! Wash your beautiful Mermaid Tail Wine glass and enjoy!

  10. Care: can you wash it in the dishwasher? The manufacturers will tell you yes, it's top rack dishwasher safe.. that said, I do hand wash mine and they last forever, I have glasses I painted 7 years ago that still look like new.

If you want to buy one of the two I painted they are in my Etsy shop, PaintingArtsNCrafts.Etsy

Here is a PDF of the Image I painted so you can use it to paint your own Mermaid Tail Wine Glass!

Mermazing Image for Mermaid Painting Tutorial
Download PDF • 497KB
Be sure to print this at 100% size, then if it's too big or small for your glass adjust!
If you can't download the PDF attachment try saving this to your desktop!

Note: some links are affiliate links and do not cost you more however I make a few pennies that helps cover the cost of this website!


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